Mesut Ozil reckons that he can win this FIFA Ballon d’Or

Despite not being on the shortlist for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award since his move to Arsenal, German midfielder Mesut Ozil reckons that he can win this trophy one-day.

It is seen as the ultimate glory for a footballer at a personal level. It has been consistently shared by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi sends it was created after being joined with the world Player of the Year title. Ozil had a great start to his Arsenal career by contributing numerous assists and goals, but he has never touched those heights again. Arsene Wenger hinted that it may be because of the hectic schedule in English football.

After being given decent rest in the summer, Ozil is yet to hit the heights of his Real Madrid days. The midfielder has been playing consistently for the gunners in the last few months. Even though he has not directly contributed much, it is no coincidence that his presence has helped Arsenal win seven consecutive league matches. Ozil will have to come with a spectacular season in order to win the Ballon d’Or award at this stage. Messi and Ronaldo once again expected to be in the race to win this title after scoring almost a goal per game this season.

"Should I continue to improve myself and stay healthy, I want to get my hands on the Ballon d'Or in the upcoming years.I am convinced that it can work out. I am headed in the right direction.I am a world champion and play at a top club in the Premier League. It's far more physical here (England) than in Spain or in the Bundesliga.I constantly have bruises, but it only makes me stronger, and physically I feel better than ever before," said Ozil, who was recently criticised by former United midfielder Paul Scholes for not giving enough.