Talking About FIFA Ballon d'or Award 2016

Names are being considered among the prominent football players for the upcoming Ballon d’Or and much excitement is among the football rounds for that since last week.

Javi Martinez is one such prominent name whose nominations and suggestions can change lives and careers for football players. He has Thomas Muller of the Bayern Munich team for the same. He has also suggested Arturo and suggested him to be suitable for nomination.

Thomas Muller is being backed by Javi Martinez, who feels that he is one of the deserving candidates for FIFA Ballon d’Or. Javi Martinez himself plays midfielder in Bayern Munich, but has a greater status as per his skills and experience. He has pointed out that Thomas has potential, considering his international as well as club level performances. From last year Muller gained sixth position as per the votes he received. Lionel Messi beat Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo to get this prestigious award last year. Muller is considered to be getting closer to the trophy every year. Being considered for the prestigious award itself is a great honor.

Usually, candidates are considered as per the performances they render, not only at games and matches that they play at club level, but also at the international levels like European championship games or World Cup games. Martinez has been in a gregarious mood as he has been putting in a good word for possible candidates for the award. He also praised Arturo Vidal. He was considered one of the key players of Bayern in this season. Among those who have played decisive roles in the Champions League Arturo is definitely one name.

It remains to be seen who would end up in the final list of nominations and finally who makes it to the top to gain this prestigious award.