After a number of unsuccessful and disappointing years, England is now in search of redemption that would put them back to the level and glory they experienced back in 1966 when they won their last World Cup trophy.

Despite having a fairly impressive squad available to play, England have a hard time laying their claim to the trophy, and struggle to get into the same stage as other top teams such as: Spain, Italy, Netherlands all of which have been making an impact in the recent years.

Some say that the downfall England has been experiencing relies on the tactical system or management of the team.
Fabio Capello was often critized of using an outdated 4-4-2 formation back in 2010 when England lost in their knockout match against Germany and ultimately leaving them out of the competition.

John Terry was stripped out of the captaincy role by Capello after his involvement in a tabloid scandal in February of that same year. Terry's successor as captain, Rio Ferdinand, was injured in a training session prior to England's opening match, resulting in his withdrawal from the squad.

All of those incidents affected the team and as a result saw them taking a fairly early elimination from the World Cup. Not only that but Fabio Capello resigned his coaching position from England and later replaced by Roy Hodgson.

Fortunately for them, things are taking a turn for the better as they have already sealed their qualifying spot in Brazil for the upcoming World Cup with a record of 6 wins and 0 losses in Group H.

England fans can now sit smugly in front of their TVs trying to making it more interesting by World Cup Playoff betting, whilst Portuguese and Swedish fans sit biting their nails, praying and hoping to qualify.

Now it’s their time to show what they are made of and play against the best in the world in the 2014 World Cup which is scheduled to pick off in June 13.