Arsenal’s latest Premier League fixture saw them losing against Everton and this defeat has placed more strain on Arsene Wenger and his players as they want to finish the season on a top 4 spot but it will be extremely difficult according to Wenger.

"I’m 100 percent determined to fight for the top four but it will be difficult. We still have a fixture that is feasible but we have to first focus on the quality of our performances before we dream of places. Let’s get back to playing better’’.

"The fight is very open and it’s not just dependent on us but it depends on Everton who are in a strong position. We have been confronted with that before and it’s about how we respond from such a disappointing performance." Wenger told reporters.

The past few weeks has seen Arsenal only being able to pick up draws and defeats as they lost 6-0 against Chelsea on March 22 and were not able to overcome Swansea City as they had to settle with a 2-2 draw. These surprising and mediocre results have forced Arsenal on losing pace in their Premier League title charge.

The Premier League silverware is out of the reach of Arsenal and now all what Wenger wants to do is secure a spot in the higher zone of the standings which is a huge turn of events considering that earlier in the season, Arsenal was leading the way for everyone else as Wenger and his players enjoyed a substantial period of time being at the top of the English league but now are out of the title race.

Arsenal has a chance to rescue and salvage a trophy in this season as they play against Wigan Athletic on April 12 with the FA Cup silverware on the line.