Barcelona’s loss against Real Sociedad and more recently against the relegation threatened club Valladolid has allowed Real Madrid and Athletic Madrid on leaping ahead of them and the pressure is building up on Gerardo Martino as well as the players.

The players themselves are experiencing the pressure from their recent negative results of the Spanish League and Daniel Alves has told the fans that the squad will keep on fighting for a chance to win La Liga.

"We will fight as long as there's a chance of us winning La Liga," Alves told reporters. "Those who cannot trust in us should get off the boat. No-one can save themselves for the fifa world cup 2014 - we must use all our energy now!"

'Our feelings are like those of having lost La Liga in the dressing room. It impacts our chances very negatively, but we will continue to fight. Valladolid simply took advantage of their chances and we did not get any luck'. Daniel Alves revealed.

The negative results that Barcelona has been suffering from in the Spanish League has led to the vice-president of the club stepping up and saying that they will be making big investments in the transfer market this summer.

"We will be making some big investments in the transfer market this summer. We are ready just like we will be ready in the future. The club's main priority will always be to maintain sporting excellence. Our financial situation will not be an obstacle." Javier Faus said.

One of the latest signings that Barcelona managed to make was Marc-Andre Stegen from Borussia Monchengladbach with a price tag of the region of €12 million as he will be replacing Victor Valdes who will be making his way out of the Catalan club at the end of the season.