Former Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes has said that he expects a member of the Bayern Munich team to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or award this season. This award is regarded as the crowning glory in a professional's career. It is given to the individual who has had the outstanding season.

Barcelona ace Lionel Messi has been hugely successful when it comes to this award after he has won it for the last four times in succession. Even though there have been players who have matched Messi on a few occasions, the Argentine has managed to lift this award by being a recipient of major trophies like the Champions League.

However, Messi has failed to win the Champions League last season. He managed to win only the league, which is likely to not helping retain the FIFA Ballon d’Or award. Bayern Munich managed a clean sweep of trophies under the regime of Heynckes, who has handed over the regime to former Barcelona manager Guardiola. The league and the Champions League glory achieved by Bayern will help them get one of their players to win this award according to Heynckes. The 68-year-old was spoken of as the next Real Madrid manager, but he is yet to decide on his future.

"I assume it will come from four players: they are the captains Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger, then Franck Ribery or Thomas Mueller. For me, these are the four candidates who must clean up this year," said Heynckes, whose team managed to win the Champions league final after managing to beat Borussia Dortmund late on.

Arjen Robben, who has been unsuccessful as Bayern Munich in this competition over the last few years, managed to claim his first Champions league medal last season.
This is the fifth European trophy for the German club.