Marcelo Defends Ronaldo in the Argument with Xavi

Former Barcelona star Xavi and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo were recently in a war of words.

Xavi suggested that Lionel Messi was far superior to any other player on the planet and that included Ronaldo. The statement did not go down well with Ronaldo, even though the player has seen numerous such comparisons over the years. Messi is currently in the world record holder when it comes to the FIFA Ballon d'Orawards. However, the Argentine has managed to win fifth in his career Ronaldo is not far away with three already.

Ronaldo has managed to close the gap in the last couple of years and he is once again favourite to win the title this year. There is every possibility that the Portuguese could be crowned as the winner since he has won the Champions League with Madrid and the Euro 2016 title with Portugal. Messi could have been equally successful had he been able to win the Copa America title with Argentina. Even though the as the Champions League. Messi had a very mediocre season – by his high standards – last campaign. Even in such a scenario, Xavi suggested that the Argentine was superior to Ronaldo.

Ronaldo responded by claiming that he had at least one three FIFA Ballon d'Or awards whereas Xavi had failed to win any his career. Marcelo has defended the statements of Ronaldo."Everyone wants to talk about Ronaldo.He is number one in the world, there is no doubt.I see him work every day and I think he's the best, but it isn't just what I think. I think it's what many people believe. He's won three Ballons d'Or and he works really hard for the team. There is plenty more to come from Ronaldo. He's is still young and he's a great teammate," said Marcelo.