Zlatan Ibrahimovic created yet another record

Zlatan Ibrahimovic created yet another record by scoring on his debut for Manchester United.

The Swedish striker has now scored on his debut for four other clubs in four different leagues. Ibrahimovic started the game against Bournemouth and led the line ahead of Wayne Rooney. The 34-year-old is trusted immensely by manager José Mourinho, whose presence was a major factor in convincing the player to arrive on a free transfer from Paris St Germain. Ibrahimovic has won league titles in Holland, Spain, Italy, and France. Winning the title in England would complete a big list, but strangely, he has never won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

At 34 years of age, it is also highly unlikely that he may win it in the remainder of his career. Mourinho, though, says that the FIFA Ballon d’Or award has become extremely political and it may not be the right tool to judge the quality of a player. Even though Ibrahimovic has won a whole host of titles with his clubs like Juventus, Inter Milan, Ajax, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Paris St Germain, he has failed to win the Champions League title with all these clubs. Up until now, success in the Champions League or in a major international tournament like the European championships or the World Cup has been seen as the basic requirement for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

“The Golden Ball was there but it was always going to two guys with a better political entourage. It’s incredible how this man never won the Golden Ball. But at this moment in his career, he wants to win the Premier League, not the Golden Ball.Look, the first thing I can tell you is that, at his table for breakfast and for meals, he is surrounded by the young ones, the kids. Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford — these are the guys who are with him at the table. He knows what he can be for them,” said Mourinho.