Andres Iniesta not interested with the FIFA BallonD’or

Barcelona and Spain midfielder stated that he is not interested in winning the FIFA BallonD’or.

He said that the most important thing for him is to be surrounded by quality players and to ensure that his team comes out victorious.

Andres Iniesta has been impressive in the first two games of the Euro 2016 and seemed to be back to his best level. This has reflected in the way Spain has dominated the first two games which are reminiscent of the team that won the Euros and the World Cup. His good form has prompted calls for Iniesta to be included among the BallonD’or nominees.

Will the FIFA Ballon d’Or pattern break in 2017?

For the past few years, the winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or has been won by either Lionel Messi or C.Ronaldo.

This trend started off back in 2008 when C.Ronaldo won the individual award of that year and from there on out it has been a battle between the Portuguese superstar and the Argentinean wizard.

Messi and Ronaldo face stiff competition

There is no question that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are currently the best players on the planet, with their goal-scoring feats, number of records and natural skill separating them from the rest. Both players have dominated the Ballon D’Or awards since its inception in 2010, with Messi currently the most successful winner with four trophies compared to Ronaldo’s two.

They have left other contenders in their wake by trading places in the top two since 2011, but 2016 could be the year in which the Messi-Ronaldo monopoly is finally broken.

Javi Martinez claims the striker Thomas Müller can win the FIFA Ballon d’Or award

Bayern Munich midfielder Javi Martinez claims the striker Thomas Müller can win the FIFA Ballon d’Or award in the near future.

Müller’s achievements can be boosted by very few players across the world. He has recently been good in terms of collecting team awards. At just 26 years of age, Müller has been crowned as the world champion and has won the Bundesliga and Champions League titles with his club, Bayern Munich. He is just shy of making 400 appearances in all competitions for club and country, and Martinez reckons that there is more to come from the striker.

Talking About FIFA Ballon d'or Award 2016

Names are being considered among the prominent football players for the upcoming Ballon d’Or and much excitement is among the football rounds for that since last week.

Javi Martinez is one such prominent name whose nominations and suggestions can change lives and careers for football players. He has Thomas Muller of the Bayern Munich team for the same. He has also suggested Arturo and suggested him to be suitable for nomination.

Lionel Messi is Best Football Player on Earth

Lionel Messi is the most successful player in the planet when it comes to FIFA Ballon d’Or awards.

He has won this accolade five times in his career, which is a new record. His closest competitor still playing the game is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the title three times. In the past eight seasons, these two players have shared with the title between each other. Kaka was the last player outside the duo to have won this title. It would be easy to say that Messi has been the best player in the world, but the Barcelona superstar disagrees with this comment.


Lionel Messi may have been in Spain from the start of his teens, but he has revealed his inner desire to play in the Argentinean league at some time in the future.

Messi for Argentina

The latest revelation comes amidst speculation that the Barcelona superstar may not want to retire at the Camp Nou.

Ivan Rakitic reckons that a number of players from the Catalan club should have featured in the shortlist

Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic reckons that a number of players from the Catalan club should have featured in the shortlist for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

This award is seen as the ultimate achievement in the life of a professional footballer, as it is awarded to the best player in the world. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been sharing the award for almost 8 seasons. Messi has nominated this mini contest with five compared to Ronaldo’s three titles. The 2016 award is likely to go to either of these stars, but the names on the shortlist evoke a lot of talking points.

Hertha Berlin is currently in contention to make it to Champions League

Hertha Berlin is currently in contention to make it to Champions League, but, Salomon Kalou, who is one of the stars at the club, is of the view that it’s something that the players shouldn’t pressurize themselves about and instead should take it more as a source of motivation.

Hertha has not played in Champions League for the last 15 years, but, the fact that they are sitting comfortably at the third position in the standings of the German top division at the moment, it has given a lot of belief to the supporters that the team would make it to Europe this time around.

Who can break the Messi/Ronaldo monopoly?

Since 2008, the FIFA Ballon d’Or, or FIFA World Player of the Year, has been an exclusive club for two of the greatest players of all-time. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the award on three occasions, and five-time winner Lionel Messi are the only players to win the prestigious trophy in recent years.


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